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Vivid Illumination provides consulting services on the following types of lighting systems:

So what specifically does Vivid Illumination bring to your project?

  • We bring 17 years of expertise in the field of stage lighting
  • We help solve the special problems that building a stage lighting system brings.
  • We use our expertise to help you design a high quality system.
  • We use our expertise to help you save money on your project by picking the proper products to effectively meet your budget.
  • We provide an objective un-biased voice to the project.
  • We provide leadership from a lighting expert.
  • We get the job done correctly and efficiently as we understand the design and building process and work as the owners advocate to get the job done correctly the first time.
  • We ask the right questions so to guide the owner in making the correct equipment choices.

So what is Vivid Illumination’s role in the lighting design?
We typically do the following things.

  • We help determine the clients needs and design a lighting system that meets those needs.
  • We help the client determine a budget for the system.
  • We help the client with the bid process for the lighting system.
  • We work with the architect to ensure the proper structure is in place for the lighting system as well as working on aesthetic considerations in a new building or renovation.
  • We work with the Electrical Engineer to ensure that the proper electrical service is installed.
  • We work with the lighting contractor to ensure proper installation and programming of the equipment.
  • We facilitate training with the end user.

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Why Hire a Consultant?

First, let's define what we mean when we use the term consultant.

By consultant, we mean someone who offers expertise in a specialized field for a limited duration, usually to address a clients critical need.

Consultants in general do the following things.

  • They bring temporary expertise that supplements your staff’s knowledge.
  • They help solve special problems or do specialized work.
  • They help you obtain expertise and quality on your project that you might otherwise not have been able to afford to hire on staff.
  • They provide an objective un-biased voice.
  • They provide leadership from an expert, as sometimes it's only the opinion of "the expert" that counts.
  • They get the job done efficiently. A consultant, guided by expertise and experience, is more likely to get the job done right the first time.
  • They ask the right questions so as to offer the correct solutions.
There's an old story about a company that calls in a consultant because a critical assembly line machine is down, and it's costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour.

The consultant arrives, looks the machine up and down, and then whacks it with a hammer.

Amazingly, it starts working and the assembly line comes to life, and the factory is back making its products again.

Soon, the consultant's bill arrives: $10,000.

Outraged, the foreman demands an itemized account, which the consultant gladly provides: "Hitting machine with hammer: $1. Knowing where to hit the machine: $9,999."

As this story simply illustrates, you call a consultant when you're willing to pay for someone's deep knowledge, to avoid costly mistakes, or quickly recover from a problem that has arisen or a mistake that has been made.
Equipment purchases
New system budgeting
Retrofit System feasibility and budgeting
Operation effectiveness
Lighting for video
General problem solving
We can consult on a wide variety of lighting issues. A few of these issues are as follows:
Theatrical lighting systems
Church lighting systems
Video lighting systems
Performance lighting systems
Presentation lighting systems

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